Float iBeacons

What Is A Float Beacon?

Beacons are recently released devices designed to improve the way people can receive location-specific information. These small, Apple-supported Bluetooth transmitters are capable of sending a signal mobile devices can interpret from a short range up to 250-feet or more (in the case of a Float Beacon).

This signal can send an endless amount of information to a user as soon as they walk within range. With regards to Float, this could be anything from a virtual property flyer to a guided tour of a home with image galleries, detailed room descriptions and contact information right at their fingertips. This is all customizable through the easy-to-use Float Control Panel.

Float Beacons run on standard batteries that can last up to two years without being changed. They are virtually invisible. They’re so small they can be hid under cabinets or discreetly attached to a sign in the front yard.

Float Beacons are most useful when they are utilized in numbers. A system of beacons can be dispatched to create a home tour, as we mentioned, or even to act as waypoints along a sign route, like breadcrumbs to a listing.

To purchase your beacons and get started, click here. Let’s Float!